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The NYLSO Ensemble-Playing Workshop is a small-group ensemble that began in Spring of 2014. The group is structured to help near-beginner to lower-intermediate level players develop group-playing ensemble and real-time music-reading skills. Most participants come to the Ensemble Workshop having taken lessons, but with little or no previous experience playing in a group. Sessions are held Sundays from 2 to 3 pm, immediately before the regular NYLSO Orchestra rehearsals and are structured to accommodate both NYLSO Orchestra members and non-members. The size of the group varies, with usually between six and twelve participants. An experienced NYLSO member, Ron, serves as group facilitator and helps lead the group, though we do not play with a conductor.

Drop-ins are always welcome, but since this is a skills-building group, consistent participation is encouraged. Cost for the Workshop is $10 per session. If Workshop participants are interested in checking out the full NYLSO Orchestra, but are not sure whether they are ready, they are welcome to sit in on the 3-5p Orchestra rehearsal as observers at no additional cost.

Occasionally, the orchestra and the ensemble will play a shared selection, with both groups working on the same piece of music during a cycle. When this is the case, the Ensemble Workshop participants will occasionally be invited to join the NYLSO Orchestra for the first part of their rehearsal at 3:00 to work on the shared selection together. This way Ensemble participants can have the opportunity to play along with the larger orchestra and experience working with a conductor, as well as to help participants gauge their ongoing readiness to join the full orchestra. Workshop participants are encouraged to join the orchestra as regular members or as drop-ins whenever they feel comfortable with the demands of the more advanced repertoire of the orchestra.

Location: Studio 353
353 W 48th Street
2nd Fl between 8th & 9th Ave
New York, NY

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